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Jake Taylor
January 23, 2024
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Urban.com.au Testimonial

Video Testimonial from Victorian Project Marketers

We appreciate and welcome feedback from all our clients on how we can continue to build on our products and services.

Here are a few videos from project marketer that have continued to incorporated Urban's services into their sales and marketing plans.

  • Sonia Fava, Director of Kingsford Direct.
  • Fil and Edi, Co-Founders and Directors of Pontem Group.
  • Heath Thompson, Director of Projects by Buxton.

Video responses to questions:

  1. How is the buyer journey changing?
  2. How have you found working with Urban?
  3. How do you find the Urban lead quality?
  4. What does Urban offer that's different to other property sites?

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How is the buyer journey changing?

How have you found working with Urban?

How do you find the Urban lead quality?

What does Urban offer that's different to other property sites?

I really enjoy working with the team at Urban. Their journalists are so incredibly talented, the fact they can write article about the project to their demographics, the areas, is another real point of difference, that we can work together and collaborate on promoting our projects. The team is lovely, Aaron looks after us incredibly well, and our clients ultimately, I think that's what the working relationship is all about. It's mutual, it's fun, it's friendly and it's results driven!

Do you have a New Development? Interested in an overview on Urban's audience and services?

The Urban team are happy to help you with the most relevant next step for you:

  1. Book a quick video meeting
  2. Request a Buyer Demand analysis for your project
  3. Collaborate with our news to be the industry expert

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Jake Taylor

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Hear from our happy clients

“We're seeing Urban outperform other portals by five to one in a week and it's just incredible. It's great when you get a volume of leads and they're qualified.”

Greg Billings

Director of Residential Projects

Lead follow-up with the selling agents is easy, and the communication between Urban and the agents directly when there's a lead that comes through is fantastic. There's alerts via text, email, through our CRMs so they can't be missed.”

Sonia Fava


”In the last couple of years, Urban has become one of our cornerstone real estate portals in our advisory piece to our developers. What sets Urban apart from other options is quality of the content that's delivered around our project really helps to educate a purchaser.”

Nick Clydsdale

Senior Director

“The flexibility in the campaigns has allowed us to cater to a broad range of different projects that we work on, whether it be the luxury boutique-style downsizer product or the larger scale projects that may have a higher investor or first home buyer component"

Heath Thompson


“Not only the quality of leads that's coming through from them. We're also getting a lot of unique leads from Urban as well, people that are might often be actively in the market through really good content and articles put out by the team.”

Todd Matheson


“They've been able to create a portal and a system that responds the needs that we're having in the industry, and we're finding with projects that we're working with [Urban] on now, the lead quality is infinitely better than what it used to be."

Fil Gacesa


“Urban provide constant support. There's always support available from the account manager and the team, and especially from the research teams as well.”

Thomas Panson

Project Sales & Marketing Agent