Urban Heard Back Survey

Two Business Day Follow Up

Research shows sales teams who make the first call attempt with 30min of the lead submission achieve +80% call connect rates.

Which means even with a full time call centre following up with leads, despite speedy follow up times there will always be a percentage of leads that you end up playing phone tag with.

Urban provides this survey to try an assist you connect with any leads you may have struggled to get in touch with the first time around.

Two business days after submitting a lead on Urban.com.au, leads are sent a survey asking if they have heard from the agent yet.

If the Lead selects No in the email, they will be ask the follow up question in Step 2.

If they select Yes in they survey, we send the assigned Urban Portal users an email notification the moment they complete the form with the leads contact details.

If the lead select Yes in the email, they will provided the opportunity to give anonymous feedback on how helpful the follow up was for to them.

Within the Urban Portal's Live Reporting you can see a summary of how many leads have completed the survey (the Purple Bar Graph) and what percentage have responded "Yes the agent has contacted me" prior to the survey being provided.

% of Survey Responders Contacted