Suburb Data & Insights Report

Gain a targeted and current view of trends in buyer demand for new developments, to support strategic decision making for project feasibility, scoping and promotion.
For your suburb(s) of interest, answer questions like:
  • What does off-the-plan buyer demand volume look like compared to the state?
  • What are the demographics, preferences and budgets of currently interested buyers?
  • What are the active and upcoming new developments?
  • How is supply for new developments matching off-the-plan buyer demand?
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Subscriptions & Pricing

One-off Quarter Report: $500 +GST

Custom Report: From $5,000 +GST
Briefing, Workshop, Bespoke Insights & Report

Prices are per suburb, 12 month subscription includes 4 X quarterly reports for that suburb.

Suburb insight reports show trends in buyer demand, based on the past  data.
These insights are useful for feasibility, product and promotion decision making for property developers and others involved in new residential developments, Australia-wide.

Deep dive with exclusive quarterly insights

Record Listings

Dive into our unmatched data from across the nation this year, reflecting the robust health of off-the-plan property market.

Resilient Rebound

After enduring a challenging year, we're witnessing an exciting resurgence in off-the-plan property demand, inching closer to pre-pandemic levels.

Interactive & Insightful

Navigate with ease through our dynamic dashboard to gauge and benchmark a project's performance across various metrics.

Swift & Seamless

Save time, share insights rapidly, and enjoy 24/7 access. Plus, effortlessly blend with other Urban online tools for a comprehensive experience.

We connect Developers, Project Marketers & Media Agencies with off-the-plan buyers

They understand that it's not about eyeballs on a listing, it's about qualified leads that your sales team can close.


online marketplace for new and off-the-plan apartments & townhouses across Australia.

2.1 million+

annual unique users on Urban looking specifically to buy new or off-the-plan property.


apartment and townhouse projects. We're the only platform tracking the whole market for buyers.

3.6k+ listings

managed by industry users. Buyers can enquire on more projects than any other platform.

New Property Demand Trends Data Insights

Active Projects Overview

Get a glimpse of 15 active projects that are shaping the suburb landscape.

    Buyer Type Trends

    Understand the evolving landscape of who's buying and their specific interests.

      Buyer Demographics Breakdown

      Visual snapshots and pie charts detailing:
      • Investor vs. Owner Occupier preferences
      • Distinction between First and Next Home Buyers
      All compared against broader state metrics for a comprehensive view

      Demand Pulse

      Delve into evolving demand trends by:
      • Analysing project and article views
      • Understanding search preferences and patterns
      • Comparisons as a percentage of state-wide trends

      Pricing Metrics

      Gauge the average price per sqm in your chosen suburb.

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