Insight Series Now Available on Spotify - Renders to Reality

Michael Bird
October 27, 2023
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Dive into the dynamic world of Australian real estate through's groundbreaking podcast series, 'Renders to Reality.' Hosted on Spotify, this podcast features CEO Mike Bird and industry experts discussing key themes shaping the country's new apartments and townhouses scene.

🔍 Podcast Highlights: 🔗 Listen to 'Renders to Reality' on Spotify

Market Challenges and Opportunities:

Industry experts shed light on the current challenges and opportunities within the Australian property market, offering strategic insights for investors and developers alike.

Adapting to Uncertain Times:

Explore discussions on how professionals in the real estate sector are navigating uncertainties, adapting strategies to ensure success in a rapidly changing landscape.

Technological Transformations in Real Estate:

Delve into the transformative role of technology in reshaping project marketing landscapes, with experts sharing experiences and insights on leveraging tech advancements.

COVID-19's Influence on Development Priorities:

Understand the impact of the global pandemic on the priorities of property developers, focusing on shifts in design, amenities, and overall project focus to meet changing market demands.

Success Stories Amidst Supply Challenges:

Discover success stories from the real estate frontlines, where supply shortages in specific regions have driven project success, creating unique opportunities for both developers and investors.

🎧 Tune in to 'Renders to Reality' on Spotify to gain exclusive access to these conversations and stay informed on the evolving landscape of Australian real estate.

🔗 Listen to 'Renders to Reality' on Spotify

The first few episodes include guests:

  • Tim Keenan - Keenan & Byrne
  • Fraser Byrne - Keenan & Byrne
  • Mark Bernberg - Ray White Projects Western Sydney
  • Marcello Bo - Ray White Project
  • Darren Blair - Blair Property
  • Jayde Pezet - Pezet Matheson
  • Brent Thompson - Siera Property Group
  • Blake Schulze - Colliers International
  • Heath Thompson - Projects by Buxton
  • Dave Milton - CBRE Residential
  • David Higgins - Colliers Internaltion Gold Coast
  • Nic Cuni - RPM Projects
  • Jarrod Farey - Farey & Co Real Estate
  • And many more!

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    Michael Bird

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