Luxury second-home exchange platform ThirdHome heads to Australia

Joel Robinson
May 2, 2024
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Luxury second-home exchange platform ThirdHome heads to Australia

Wade Shealy and Giles Adams of ThirdHome will be meeting property developers and agents nationally between May 17 to May 28, visiting Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

ThirdHome, the world’s most trusted second-home luxury exchange community, is heading to Australia to expand its international footprint. 

ThirdHome was founded in 2010 by US-based real estate innovator Wade Shealy in response to a recurring problem he saw in the industry when it came to buying, using and selling holiday homes. 

The members-only Club for like-minded travellers passionate about unique properties and travel experiences featured in Millionaire Holiday Homeswap, which aired on Foxtel in 2023. Subsequently following the success of the show, there was a 100 per cent uptake of Australian memberships, and Thirdhome is now set to double down on the uptake, heading back to Australia in May for a series of partnership and member meetings.

ThirdHome, Wade Shealy, Founder, Chairman, & CEO, and Giles Adams, Strategy & Operations, will be meeting property developers and agents nationally between May 17 to May 28, visiting Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

ThirdHome partnerships include working with leading property developers and real estate agents who understand the game-changing influence of an exclusive offering, share an unwavering commitment to exceptional service and know what affluent, lifestyle-focused owners are looking for. 

Bob's Cove South Island New Zealand

Whether selling off the plan, or to a purchaser who already owns property, as a partner, ThirdHome offers property developers and agents an exceptional competitive edge to any sales strategy.

Increasingly, luxury off the plan projects need real points of difference to stand out from the competition and overcome as many pre-sale objections as possible. For these reasons savvy developers are choosing ThirdHome as the solution.

Forever Loma Vista Napa, CA

A ThirdHome membership, when included with a property purchase, gives the home buyer direct and immediate access to over 17,000 homes across 100+ countries, with an average value of $3.7 million. The Club’s offering spans from castles, ranches, stunning residences, chalets, mansions, and private islands, to pieds-à-terres, yachts, safari camps, wineries, estates, boutique hotels and over-the-top villas valued at more than $50 million.

By leveraging unused time in their second home or investment properties, members accumulate travel credits or “Keys”, which can then be used to unlock access to private destinations, saving up to 90 per cent when compared to traditional holiday rentals. 

Fabulous Tribeca Apartment, New York City

Becoming a ThirdHome partner has a string of benefits, including offering buyers a complementary membership and Keys to the value of $12,000, as well the developer or agent receiving a complimentary Master Account, membership and Keys – which can be used as incentives - also giving them access to a world of travel.

To make an appointment with ThirdHome and discover how they can become a partner, please contact:

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Joel Robinson

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