Developer Track Record Feature on Listing [Video]

Showcasing the experience of a developments Developer, Architect and Builder

It seems crazy you can find thousands of reviews on a sandwich before you spend $5, but when you are looking to buy a property off the plan, which is typically the biggest purchase of a person life, the only information available on the developer is from their own website.

Urban is working to create more transparency to help buyers have an understanding of the level of experience of the teams behind the project.

Don't buy off-the-plan before you check this new feature. Get a full understanding of the developer before you enquire on a newly completed or off the plan property.

Urban is on a mission to deliver the world’s best off-the-plan property buying experience.

To do this, we try to give buyers more context on the experience and updates on developers projects.

Each listing and the developer page shows the other projects the developer has been connected with, as well as includes any editorial mention of the development over the lifecycle of the project.

Example Developer Page on

Urban work to keep this up to date for Developers, Architects and Builders. We also understand most of our clients have been around for longer than us. So if we are missing a developer or need to update details, feel free to reach out to our team and we will correct the information at no cost.